No Nonsense: The Autobiography

No Nonsense: The Autobiography PDF

So, you think you know Joey Barton. Think again. No Nonsense is a game-changing autobiography which will redefine the most fascinating figure in British football. It is the raw yet redemptive story of a man shaped by rejection and the consequences of his mistakes. He has represented England, and been a pivotal player for Manchester City, Newcastle United, Queens Park Rangers, Marseille, Burnley and now Glasgow Rangers, but his career has featured recurring controversy. The low point of being …



Making Sense of Business: A No-Nonsense Guide to Business Skills for Managers and Entrepreneurs

Making Sense of Business: A No-Nonsense Guide to Business Skills for Managers and Entrepreneurs PDF

Determined businesspeople find ways of getting started even when they don’t know how.  At some point, many entrepreneurs and managers feel they need to acquire new skills and brush up on existing ones in order to achieve targets, make money, and avoid mistakes.Making Sense of Business helps readers do just that, with expert guidance on key skills such as selling, presenting, and negotiating, and advice on developing self-confidence and learning to work creatively.  There is no advantage in …


The Twentieth-Century American Fiction Handbook

The Twentieth-Century American Fiction Handbook PDF

This student-friendly handbook provides an engaging overview ofAmerican fiction over the twentieth century, with entries on theimportant historical contexts and central issues, as well as themajor texts and writers.
Provides extensive coverage of short stories and short storywriters as well as novels and novelists
Discusses the cultural contexts and issues that shape the textsand their reputations
Wide-ranging in scope, including science fiction andrecent Native American writing
Featured …


Feed the Belly The Pregnant Mom’s Healthy Eating Guide!

Feed the Belly The Pregnant Mom’s Healthy Eating Guide! PDF

Feed the Belly: The Pregnant Mom’s Healthy Eating Guide by nutrition expert Frances Largeman-Roth is the only resource for expectant moms that helps indulge cravings while giving baby”and mom”the nutrients they need.
Every expectant mom wants to ensure the best possible health for her baby, and Feed the Belly offers comforting answers to the quandaries over what’s safe”and healthy”to eat. Featuring nearly 70 mouthwatering, easy-to-make recipes organized by craving (sweet, salty, meaty, s…


Strength Training Bible for Men: The Complete Guide to Lifting Weights for Power, Strength & Performance

Strength Training Bible for Men: The Complete Guide to Lifting Weights for Power, Strength & Performance PDF

The coaching you need to build strength, maximum muscle growth and power.Experts agree the fastest and most effective way to build strength and increase muscle mass is to lift weights. Written by top strength training professionals, Strength Training Bible is the comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to mastering the basics of weight lifting and barbell training. Divided by fitness levels, Strength Training Bible shows you how to craft powerful workouts that are tailored to your unique goal…


Photographs from the Edge of Reality

Photographs from the Edge of Reality PDF

Using images taken while on location around the world, photographer John Harrington takes you through the logistics, stories, and behind-thescenes problem solving involved in some of his assignments over the last 20 years. Examining the artistic and business sides of being a photographer, each image and story illustrates concrete solutions you can employ in your own assignments. From a sleep-deprived overnight journey to Warsaw, Poland, fraught with language barriers and demanding border gua…


Space: Earth Science (Let’s Explore Science) by Tim Cliffor

Space: Earth Science (Let’s Explore Science) by Tim Cliffor PDF

Introduces facts about the solar system and outer space, from the Sun and each of the planets to such deep-space objects as comets and galaxies.


Alberto Campo Baeza : Works and Projects (Spanish and English Edition)

Alberto Campo Baeza : Works and Projects (Spanish and English Edition) PDF

Campo Baeza’s poetics is the outcome of a complex and wide-ranging dialogue with architectural history that has provided him no so much with a set of formal models as with a repertoire of compositional strategies, raising questions of method which he has answered by inverting Mies van der Rohe’s celebrated dictum “less is more” to give “mas con menos”, more with less. The fact that achieving “more with less” is Campo Baeza’s ultimate aim, and that variation rather than variety is one of the f…